My days are too short to understand the whole world in her magnificent variety and to live it all. So how should I use my time differently than to go on a conscious expedition every morning.

My journey is fulfilling versatile. It is colourful and sometimes also adventurous and loud, very loud. And at the same time it has a quiet and mysterious side which paves the way for an even bigger adventure apparently hidden in the subconscious, the adventure of ART.

In the free space of my artistic work I try to discover the subconsciously links, that happen on my journey of life and to connect them with the questions of my everyday life.

The detecting, the connecting and the development of an expression for this, that is the real adventure, the adventure par excellence. In every project the basic questions of the human existence measured in the challenge of our times are the main topics.

Art is my vehicle in search of liveliness and advancement and at the other time it is a way of communication, communication which connects me with other people and maybe also with you…

And that’s it!!! This originates new things.

Neither I can limit myself in the search nor in communication and so my work finds its expression in different artistic areas, which are closely connected in content and also in methodology.

But have a look on your own… Cause now, now I take you with me on a little trip into my work environment and I wish you pleasure, encouragement and a little bit of enchantment. If you close my homepage with a smile, you can be sure that in the same moment I also sit somewhere with a smile on my face. Definitely! So, maybe see you soon…